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Thanks for visiting my page!!

I'm a PhD graduate from the Department of Electrical Engineering IIT Kanpur and I'm fortunate to associate with great minds Dr. Ketan Rajawat, & Dr. Rajesh M Hegde. Under their guidance I've worked on some of the very interesting state-of-the-art problems in the field of robotics and non-convex optimization. 

Currently, I'm working as a senior engineer at Qualcomm Inc., as a part of XR Research group, Bengaluru. My research interests include SLAM, Trajectory Optimization, Computer Vision and Non-Convex Optimization. 


Outside of work, I enjoy cycling, playing badminton and chess. I'm excited about long distance bike rides and treks. I enjoy myself getting lost in watching nature.    

                PhD (submitted) 

                Thesis: Optimization-based Algorithms for the problems in Robotics and Machine Learning
                Advisor(s): Dr. Ketan Rajawat  &  Dr. Rajesh M Hegde

               Thesis: Development of an Unmanned Robotic Assistance System
               Advisor(s): Dr. Ketan Rajawat  &  Dr. Rajesh M Hegde 

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